C++ Micro Services: Class List
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oCAnyAn Any class represents a general type and is capable of storing any type, supporting type-safe extraction of the internally stored data
oCInterfaceTypeA helper type used in several methods to get proper method overload resolutions
oCLDAPFilterAn RFC 1960-based Filter
oCLDAPPropA fluent API for creating LDAP filter strings
oCMakeInterfaceMapHelper class for constructing InterfaceMap instances based on service implementations or service factories
oCModuleRepresents a CppMicroServices module
oCModuleActivatorCustomizes the starting and stopping of a CppMicroServices module
oCModuleContextA module's execution context within the framework
oCModuleEventAn event from the Micro Services framework describing a module lifecycle change
oCModuleEventHookModule Event Hook Service
oCModuleFindHookModule Context Hook Service
oCModuleRegistryHere we handle all the modules that are loaded in the framework
oCModuleResourceRepresents a resource (text file, image, etc.) embedded in a CppMicroServices module
oCModuleResourceStreamAn input stream class for ModuleResource objects
oCModuleSettingsQuery and set certain properties of the CppMicroServices library
oCModuleVersionVersion identifier for CppMicroServices modules
oCPrototypeServiceFactoryA factory for prototype scope services
oCServiceEventAn event from the Micro Services framework describing a service lifecycle change
oCServiceEventListenerHookService Event Listener Hook Service
oCServiceExceptionA service exception used to indicate that a service problem occurred
oCServiceFactoryA factory for module scope services
oCServiceFindHookService Find Hook Service
oCServiceListenerHookService Listener Hook Service
|\CListenerInfoInformation about a Service Listener
oCServiceObjectsAllows multiple service objects for a service to be obtained
oCServiceObjects< void >Allows multiple service objects for a service to be obtained
oCServiceReferenceA reference to a service
oCServiceReferenceBaseA reference to a service
oCServiceRegistrationA registered service
oCServiceRegistrationBaseA registered service
oCServiceTrackerThe ServiceTracker class simplifies using services from the framework's service registry
oCServiceTrackerCustomizerThe ServiceTrackerCustomizer interface allows a ServiceTracker to customize the service objects that are tracked
oCSharedLibraryLoads shared libraries at runtime
oCShrinkableMapA std::map style associative container allowing query and removal operations only
oCShrinkableVectorA std::vector style container allowing query and removal operations only
oCTrackedTypeTraits< S, T * >Default type traits for custom tracked objects of pointer type
\CTrackedTypeTraitsBaseA base class template for type traits for objects tracked by a ServiceTracker instance