C++ Micro Services: Class Hierarchy
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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCAnyAn Any class represents a general type and is capable of storing any type, supporting type-safe extraction of the internally stored data
oCExplicitlySharedDataPointer< T >
oCLDAPFilterAn RFC 1960-based Filter
oCModuleRepresents a CppMicroServices module
oCModuleActivatorCustomizes the starting and stopping of a CppMicroServices module
oCModuleContextA module's execution context within the framework
oCModuleEventAn event from the Micro Services framework describing a module lifecycle change
oCModuleRegistryHere we handle all the modules that are loaded in the framework
oCModuleResourceRepresents a resource (text file, image, etc.) embedded in a CppMicroServices module
|\CModuleResourceStreamAn input stream class for ModuleResource objects
oCModuleSettingsQuery and set certain properties of the CppMicroServices library
oCModuleVersionVersion identifier for CppMicroServices modules
oCServiceEventAn event from the Micro Services framework describing a service lifecycle change
oCServiceFactoryAllows services to provide customized service objects in the module environment
oCServiceReferenceA reference to a service
oCServiceRegistrationA registered service
oCServiceTrackerCustomizer< T >The ServiceTrackerCustomizer interface allows a ServiceTracker to customize the service objects that are tracked
|\CServiceTracker< S, T >The ServiceTracker class simplifies using services from the framework's service registry
oCSharedDataPointer< T >
oCSharedDataPointer< LDAPFilterData >
oCSharedDataPointer< ModuleEventData >
oCSharedDataPointer< ServiceEventData >
oCSharedLibraryLoads shared libraries at runtime
oCstd::exceptionSTL class
|oCstd::bad_castSTL class
|\Cstd::runtime_errorSTL class
| \CServiceExceptionA service exception used to indicate that a service problem occurred
\Cstd::ios_baseSTL class
 \Cstd::basic_ios< Char >STL class
  \Cstd::basic_istream< Char >STL class
   \Cstd::istreamSTL class
    \CModuleResourceStreamAn input stream class for ModuleResource objects